Plant Pulse is proud to serve a variety of research and academic institutions. Our team of world-class engineers and scientists has developed a solution which is both robust enough to live in challenging conditions, and which brings plant hydraulic information right to researchers’ fingertips - at an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy.

Our solution provides an extremely accurate measure of sap flow in the plant, allowing for research insight at both the individual and the aggregate ecosystem levels. We’ve worked hands-on with academics to refine what we offer. Our devices work on any plants. Our systems work in any locations. Our analytics solution is tailored per individual species. And our world-class online dashboard is built to distil exactly the information needed by the research community.

Join our growing group of research partners as we lift the lid on plant hydraulics together.

Photo credit: Professor Adam West (UCT)

Our sensors in the literature

We take research seriously. In fact, we have a global plant physiology academic expert on the founding team. Our solution offers researchers a step-changes in accuracy, data access and practical deployability over the old generation of sap flow technology.

We are proud to say that our sensors are trusted by academics and feature in high-quality internationally peer-reviewed academic journals (see some examples below).