Our Solution

How does our sap flow technology work?

Sap flow is simply the movement of water and dissolved ions and solutes (e.g. nutrients or hormones) through a plant. Sap flow is detected using several different methods, all of which rely upon the general practise of using heat movement as a proxy for the movement of sap. Our patented, highly accurate sap flow sensors rely upon the heat ratio method, which is where a heat pulse is introduced to a stem and temperature sensors detect its movement either side of the heating element.

Application & benefits

Typical Applications:

  • Smart Agriculture

  • Irrigation scheduling and management

  • Fruit quality monitoring

  • Plant monitoring

Easy Installation

Our devices are small, compact and easy to install using a ready-made installation kit.

long battery life

Powered by rechargeable batteries, our device can operate for as long as 12 months without a charge.

secure connection

Our devices are able to securely connect to a range of technologies that support real-time cloud integration.

Simple Data Visualisation

Monitor, compare and visualize plant function in real-time using our easy-to-use, interactive dashboard.

Interactive Dashboard

Schedule events, record observations or make useful notes on our interactive dashboard.

Real-time Notifications

Set up alerts and be notified when the health of your plants seem to be at risk.

How do our sensors operate?

Our sap flow sensors utilise a cutting-edge, customised miniature microprocessor that is powered via rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The optimised programming of our sensors ensures remarkably low power consumption, enabling continuous field operation for up to a year on a single charge.

These sensors are designed to be easily integrated into various IoT technologies, providing seamless communication capabilities. By connecting the sensors to our Plant Pulse dashboard, you gain the convenience of accessing your sensors' data from any device, anywhere in the world!

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